The Best Prices For High Quality Work

Standing Apart

Not all siding, trim, and soffit are created equal. With a number of manufacturers and materials on the market, it can be hard to know what is best for your home. A few simple things apply: Steel is better than vinyl. Anytime you are taking bids, make sure they are bidding on the same materials. Even vinyl has many grades. Make sure you are getting the best quality vinyl on your home. Cheaper materials are generally not going to be better materials. Make sure your installation will be done by an experienced and trained crew. At WT Enterprises we use the best, highly trained crews to install all of our siding, trim, and soffit. Our crews take pride in their work and will treat your home as their own in every detail from setup to cleanup.



WT Enterprises offers a wide variety of tilt and energy efficient windows that normally run between $300 and $500 per window. The cost of a window is based on the quality of materials. Single strength glass is cheaper than double strength glass. Single hung windows are cheaper than double hung windows. We offer a number of options for your windows and we are pleased to offer the best price in the industry on triple pane windows for the ultimate in energy efficiency.



Your roof is very important to your home. At WT Enterprises in Lubbock, we know how vital it is that your roof is doing the job it is supposed to do. Roofs can be damaged by hail, wind, and time, and if you feel that your roof needs attention or might be leaking, give WT Enterprises a call! For over 20 years we have been installing beautiful, energy efficient roofing throughout West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. We use only the best materials that are made to last and installed right on every job. That saves you time, money, and trouble for years to come. With the high winds and frequent hail storms our area faces, a steel roof has a number of durability benefits over conventional roofing materials. Its long life will make you smile when you see those storm clouds building in the east.



We offer the highest quality metal and wood fencing in Lubbock. Our expert fence installers have decades of experience in all aspects of designing, building, and repairing fences that will withstand the harshest conditions of West Texas weather. If you are looking for a high quality, long lasting, and attractive fence call on us.