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Not all siding, trim, and soffits are created equal.  With a number of manufacturers and materials on the market it can be hard to know what is best for your home.  A few simple things apply: 

  1. Steel is better than vinyl.  Anytime you are taking bids, make sure they are bidding on the same materials.
  2. Even vinyl has many grades.  Make sure you are getting the best quality vinyl on your home.  Cheaper materials are generally not going to be better materials.

Installation Is Key

Make sure your installation will be done by an experienced and trained crew.  At WT Enterprises we use the best Mennonite crews to install all of our siding, trim, and soffits.  Our crews take pride in their work and will treat your home as their own in every detail from setup to cleanup.

Cut Out Big Commissions

Most companies in this business offer a big, fat commission to their salesmen on each job.  That makes the price you pay higher.  We cut the big commission out to pass the savings on to you.  When you are talking with a salesman, remember these things:

  • No salesman ever made a dime being mean.  They will all be your best friend when they are trying to close the deal.
  • If any salesman can cut thousands of dollars off to close the deal you know they are making a huge commission. 

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